The Vine

Braselton, Georgia

"It was a privilege to work with Chad in the design process of our current facilities. He overcame the challenge of an existing rectangle, retail building to design a space that constantly receives excellent reactions from first-time guests. We now have an excellent facility to match excellence in ministry!"

Reverend David Walters, Pastor The Vine Church

Today the church has found itself in a rapidly changing world that challenges the old assumptions about Sunday worship. There has been an explosion of Christian musical creativity in an incredible diversity of styles that reflect the diversity of contemporary secular music. Technology has also been opening up new possibilities in worship. Electronics has radically been changing music, projection and video have increasingly been used. In many communities the congregations have developed opposing styles of worship on Sunday. Worship styles can be divided into basically two: traditional and contemporary. Worshipers and their leaders have been diverse in what they wear as in other respects. It is customary in many congregations to come to worship in one’s Sunday best, particularly at services that are perceived as traditional; but casual dress is encouraged in many other congregations.

The Vine requested a modern setting for its modern service. The result was a 10,000 square foot build out in an existing strip shopping center.

The Modern Service attracts new members by incorporating modern devices: The store front church fits in with adjacent commercial and shopping: Hymnals are replaced with images projected onto walls: The organ is replaced with electric instruments: The preacher’s robe has disappeared and he is now dresses casual: The members are in casual clothing, no longer in their Sunday best: The goal is to relate the preacher as not an unattainable goal put on a pedestal, but as a figure like any everyday person with their struggles and flaws: The sermon is delivered with no pulpit
The service is condensed to 45 minutes instead of an hour: There is still an inherent order to the service, followed each time, and thus familiar.

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10,000 GSF