hogansville opens new library

CAS Architecture | December 13, 2016

Hogansville unveiled its new library to a packed house of local officials and patrons on Tuesday. The new 11,200 square foot state of the art library replaces the original library on main street that had become too small to meet the community’s needs. The library is equipped with modern amenities like self-checkout, RFID security, a 3D printer, multiple computer stations, quiet study rooms, a dedicated teen area, a spacious children’s area and a community room that will also function as council chambers for the city.

Designing for connection

A Public input meeting concluded the library should aspire to be a place for “enjoyment and recreation – a people gathering zone” that fits into the park.  The design team embraced this vision of connecting to the community and to the landscape.

Located within the historic city downtown, the exterior design draws inspiration from the surrounding homes and barns. The large north facing roof overhang serves dual purposes providing shaded daylight to the interior spaces as well as becoming an exterior “front porch” with rocking chairs for patrons to relax and enjoy views of the park.

Designing for the sun

The design philosophy of “embracing the landscape” is continued inside with expansive windows providing views to the surrounding park blurring the distinction between inside and outside. 

The south-facing porch provides a buffer for direct sunlight while north facing windows provide diffused daylighting to the interior, creating an airy, inviting feeling.  A central raised roof draws design inspiration from local barns. With carefully designed south facing overhangs, the raised roof blocks direct sun light from entering the library and prevents unpleasant “hot spots”. Details such as columns made of two steel channels situated back to back with a 3 inch space between them provide a “seeing thru” furthering accentuating the blending of inside and outside.

Designing for flexibility

Both the open plan and a raised floor throughout allow the library maximum flexibility to rearrange the interior as needs change. Visitor circulation is organized around a central axis providing intuitive wayfinding and unobstructed views throughout the library offering a feeling of security.

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