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  • the vision for the east marietta library

    Chad Alexander Smith | December 16, 2016 

    An interview with CAS's Chad Alexander Smith

    In working with the client, what was your firm's vision for the new library and cultural center?

    As a firm, we believe Architecture is about transforming the world. We see architecture as an endless process of reinvention and reshaping, responding to our changing world. We believe the modern library also adopts this same sentiment. Full Post >

  • passing thru

    Chad Alexander Smith | August 18, 2016

    The parapet on top of the front wall is damaged. This was a concern because we do not have any of the original brick. And then it came to us, the front façade was not original, because the brick was clearly fired. Upon looking at the rear wall, the addition to the building and the front façade were built at the same time. This gave us the idea to remove the rear wall to salvage the brick and aide in preserving the front. And that is where the idea came from: let’s return the building to an alley. Full Post >

  • the graves' ripple

    Chad Alexander Smith | March 12, 2015

    By the time I was a student of Michael Graves at Princeton, his Post-Modern aesthetic had fallen out of fashion. Graves taught our architecture studio along with Peter Eisenman. It would be the last time the two giants of the 20th century would teach together. Our studio class of 15 met in the afternoon. The morning was reserved for theory and the afternoon for practice, divided in the same way the great architect Le Corbusier, whom’s heavy influence can be seen in Grave’s early work, arranged his day. Full post >

  • a guide to the symbolism behind the snellville veterans memorial

    Chad Alexander Smith | June 4, 2014

    By arranging recognizable symbols into form, the Snellville Veteran's Memorial seeks to elicit a response in the perceiver, to elevate the spirit. Five symbols are used in the design: the circle, the body, fire, water and stone. Full Post >

  • proportion: defining harmony and order in architecture

    Chad Alexander Smith | May 4, 2014

    Throughout history, architects have proposed theories of proportion as aesthetic rationale for determining choices of design. These geometrys inform the architect in making decisions and in turn unify a visual construction, provide a sense of order, and heighten a sense of continuity.  Full post >

  • bonus intra, melior exi

    Chad Alexander Smith | April 4, 2014

    "Bonus intra. Melior exi.” is a Latin epigram that translates “Come in good. Go out better.” An epigram is a brief, interesting, memorable, and sometimes surprising or satirical statement.  Full post >

  • pleasure in architecture

    Chad Alexander Smith | March 4, 2014

    Why are we motivated to do, as architects, the things we do?

    Pleasure is an agreeable sensation or emotion.  It is sensual or mental gratification.  In the Classical notion, pleasure is obtained when becoming one with the great harmony of the universe, expressed through proportions.  Thus, experience becoming a personal encounter - the point at which one discovers proportion.  The sensation is dependent on experience, but not limited to the physical environment.  Full post >

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