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how do you put a value on great design?

The answer: the impact on the lives of the users.  CAS's work and passion is focused around communities, neighborhoods and people.


We're a bit old fashioned. We believe service should be the highest priority for any organization. Our team is made up of people with a heart for the mission of the clients we serve, and we hope it translates in the way we work. We consider ourselves a small boutique design studio, which allows us to be more personal in our approach and more nimble when changes are needed. Above all, we love to make our clients shine.

transforming the world

We believe Architecture is about transforming the world, one building at a time. We believe Architecture is still an art having the opportunity and responsibility to inspire – both in its execution (when you walk into an inspiring space) and in its process (when you work collaboratively on a design). Our charge is to change the world for the better with every project we undertake. 

We improve the lives of our clients by taking a fresh look at design and applying the best practices to our projects.


CAS is led by founding President and award winning Architect Chad Alexander Smith. Mr. Smith holds a Masters of Architecture degree from Princeton University where he studied directly under superstar architects Michael Graves and Peter Eisenman and architectural theorist Mark Wigley. He also completed studies at the Ecole Nationlale Superierure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. Smith’s education provided him with the unique opportunity to learn directly from the leading minds in the field of architecture as well as study great architecture first hand. Those lessons learned can be seen in all of CAS’s projects: how a building responds to history, to context and to individual communities .

commitment to sustainability

We are committed to sustainability. We feel it is our responsibility to incorporate sustainable practices into our work whenever possible and we encourage our clients to adopt this sentiment for their projects. 

There are many initiatives like day lighting and smart building orientation that have little to no initial cost. For issues impacting the project budget, we advise our clients of various options so they can make informed decisions. In many cases, life cycle cost and sustainability interests are in agreement, particularly regarding energy efficiency.

While all of our work exhibits some degree of sustainability, some clients come to us with project certification as a desire or requirement. The most universal green building certification standard is the US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system and we have LEED accredited professionals in our office that can be relied upon to take a project through this process.